Why Choose E Cigarettes Over Tobacco Cigarettes?

There is absolutely no argument that smoking tobacco cigarettes is a very foolish thing to do, indeed. There really is absolutely nothing good about it. From start to finish, the tobacco industry ravages everything it touches.

Growing tobacco depletes the soil. The chemicals that are used to grow it pollute our aquifers and waterways. People who work in the tobacco industry get sick and die at astonishing rates. All this is just the beginning.

The production of cigarettes and other tobacco products wastes energy and causes pollution. The product, itself, bankrupts the users and destroys their health and the health of those around them.

Tobacco cigarettes cause the vast majority of forest fires and house fires. Additionally, the disposal of cigarette butts and packaging cause a serious litter and pollution problem.

Are E Cigarettes Really Better?

Well, seriously, how could they not be better?

E cigarettes contain only one of the chemicals found in tobacco cigarettes, and that is nicotine. While nicotine is an addictive substance, it is not believed to be a carcinogen. The other ingredients found in e cigs are water, food grade flavors and food grade glycerin or propylene glycol which make up the e-liquid.

These ingredients produce the steam inhaled by the person using the e cig. This steam dissipates in the air surrounding the user so quickly that it is barely discernible to others and does not pose any threat at all.

Unless you are using an e cig that is old or faulty or has been modified in some unapproved way, you cannot start a fire with an e cig. They just don’t get that hot, and there is no flame.

While nicotine used in e liquids does come from tobacco, the amount of tobacco needed to provide the same amount of nicotine to the user is less than with tobacco cigarettes. The reason for this is that this distilled, pharmaceutical grade nicotine is highly concentrated from a smaller amount of original product. Additionally, the user of the e cig has complete control over the amount of nicotine consumed.

People working in the e cig industry work in sterile, laboratory-like settings. They do not perform backbreaking labor or get covered with pesticides and random nicotine as they work.

E cig batteries are reusable, rechargable and recyclable. E liquid cartridges are recyclable and can be refilled if desired. Each cartridge usually equals about 1.5 packs of cigarettes. It is easy to see that disposing of e cigarette debris poses little threat to the environment.

If all this were not enough, two very glaring facts make e cigarettes a better choice than tobacco cigarettes. They are less expensive, and they are less dangerous to your own personal health. Clearly, electronic cigarettes are the safer smoking alternative.