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The Saga Of The Electronic Cigarette

If you have not heard of the electronic cigarette, you soon will. This product has taken off like a rocket and has become very popular for a variety of reasons.

The device is made of a hollow tube that contains a mixture of a glycol liquid that is atomized to form a vapor, that is then inhaled, like cigarette smoke, and then exhaled in the same manner. It is possible to add different flavors to the mixture to spice up the experience. Such flavors as apple, cinnamon, cherry, lemon, lime, mint, peppermint, menthol, chocolate, peanut butter, and many other flavors are available. Nicotine can also be added in varying strengths.

People are using the ecigarettes to wean themselves off of tobacco cigarettes, much in the same way as nicotine patches and nicotine gum works. The smoker will start with a similar level of nicotine as he is used to, and then taper it down on a gradual basis, until he is using no nicotine at all.

For years it has been known how harmful cigarette smoke can be. Over 160,000 people per year die from lung cancer in the United States, which has been clinically proven to be caused by cigarette smoke. The tobacco tar that clings to the lungs of a tobacco smoker is also carcinogenic and causes COPD, another proven killer.

So, there is a decided incentive to get off of tobacco cigarettes here, especially when there is a way to continue in the same habit structure as smoking with the inhaling and the exhaling actions of smoking.

There are already major ad campaigns that rival anything that big tobacco has ever done, and the ads are quite good. Big tobacco is not likely to sit on the sidelines on this one, however as Lolliard, the huge tobacco company has just purchased Blu Cigs, an early e cig player in the marketplace. It will be interesting to see how much market share the tobacco companies can maintain in this new marketplace.

Electronic cigarette are beginning to be seen in many more public places than before, and people are taking to this new product very well. The devices are beginning to meld into other shapes and colors, and there seems to be as much focus on style and colorful deliver schemes, as there is on the product itself.

Now, some of the regulatory agencies are getting into the act claiming that since no one knows what is actually in these devices, they need to be regulated. Thus far, the ecigarette industry has done a suburb job of regulating themselves, but even if there are regulations that come out, they will have a hard time staunching the tidal wave of market interest and a sales curve that is beginning to shoot off the chart.

This all looks like just the beginning of a great new wave of a new product that has thus far been enthusiastically embraced by its public, and it shows no signs of slowing down.